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Lisa Frank is back?!? Brings me back to primary school and my trapper keeper. It’s on sale now at Urban Outfitters.

Seeing the world in F 5.6

I took a lighting seminar a few years back, and my teacher pointed out that I just naturally shoot at F 5.6. I never thought about it before until I went back to Adobe Bridge. Anywho, here’s a quick (and fun) little shoot I did with my friend, Alex.

Heart this so hard right now, and it’s hyping me up for the trip back. T-minus 12 days.

Now I’m all about the indie, rock and folk stuff. But whenever KC releases something, you’ll hear me squealing with delight! 

New obsession: The Staves - Think Trio II 2.0. 

Meet my friend Alexa. This is her band Little Anchor. And here’s their latest video, ‘Lady Tennessee.’

Fiona Apple never does me wrong. So glad she’s back.

If you’ve seen my past party pictures, it’s obvious who I was channeling. 

If you’ve seen my past party pictures, it’s obvious who I was channeling. 

James Corden may be an award-winning Broadway star, but it’s his work on League of Their Own that really gets me. So classy. I couldn’t stop laughing. Enjoy.

The Summer Olympics in London are fast approaching, and Vogue did a cool spread on a lot of the hopefuls. (Kind of glad Michael Phelps wasn’t part of the group. He’s good, but he’ll be everywhere once again.) Serena, Hope and Dwayne have become household names, but Ashton Eaton, Ryan Lochte and those adorable Bryan Brothers have yet to gain the same recognition. Anywho, here’s a look at what went behind the shoot with one of my photography heroes, Annie Leibovitz.