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Posts tagged: new music

Now I’m all about the indie, rock and folk stuff. But whenever KC releases something, you’ll hear me squealing with delight! 

New Jessie J track! What do you think of it?

Who’s excited for the new Temper Trap LP? *raises hand* You can hear the song in it’s entirety here

New Gossip material. Exciting stuff though I feel like I’m about to watch an episode of ‘Knight Rider’ when I listen to it. 

Jack White’s ‘Love Interruption’ 

Can’t wait for the album!

Not exactly the chaotic beats and heavy guitars I was expecting, but I’m digging it.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Black Keys fan. Not only is this just a fun song, but also…how fun is this guy?

New KC! Enough said.