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Since I’m gradually coming down from an intense caffeine high, this song and the rest of the Apologies to the Queen Mary album are keeping me alive. 

If you haven’t heard of Levi’s Curve ID, you need to get on it. Not only is it a great denim brand (obviously) that’s affordable, but this line also really fits women of all shapes and sizes because it’s based on a woman’s curve opposed to her jean size. Oh and I love them! Levi’s has been using blogging to their advantage ( i.e. “Levi’s Girl”). And now they just did a series of videos highlighting some cool lady bloggers who represent each of the curve styles. Here’s  Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior (one of my new favorite blogs) talking about the demi, which is the same line I wear.

Who’s excited for the new Temper Trap LP? *raises hand* You can hear the song in it’s entirety here

Katy Perry’s cover got nothing on this. Something every bibliophile should see.

This is too ridiculous but so funny. If you have every watch ‘Maury,’ you’ll know why. Those chicks are crazy. Good to know this is a parody and that tween isn’t pregnant, drinks dog urine or names her lady parts after pop singers. 

Love it! Now if they only had prints.

Redes sociales vintage.

Love it! Now if they only had prints.


Redes sociales vintage.


Garbage returns!

You guys, everyone might talk about this band and how brilliant their debut album was/is (it was/is), but let’s not even try to forget how masterful “Version 2.0” was/is, even by the debut’s standards. Miss you, 1998.


And they’re back…

In case you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Black Keys fan. Not only is this just a fun song, but also…how fun is this guy?

Dance routine + Doo wop rhythm + Jersey-like pouf = uber fun new video by Sara Bareilles

This is will be my jam for the next week or so.